The Airship Captains Tale: A Steam Punk Short Story N. Jacob Wright


Published: July 24th 2012

Kindle Edition

7 pages


The Airship Captains Tale: A Steam Punk Short Story  by  N. Jacob Wright

The Airship Captains Tale: A Steam Punk Short Story by N. Jacob Wright
July 24th 2012 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 7 pages | ISBN: | 10.68 Mb

Captain Errol enjoys his command of The Heavyfoot airship, but there is nothing he enjoys more than beer with conversation, and in this playful and funny story from N. Jacob Wright, the storytelling is grand! Read along as Errol describes his heroic battle against a vicious wyvern. Don’t pay too close attention to the details…Errol never does.Here is a preview:The soldier nodded and took a hasty sip to cover his embarrassment. “Did it eat him?”“That’s what they do.”“It is, isn’t it?” The private nodded soberly to himself then added, “But, well, did you see it eat him?”The captain looked at the private and feigned annoyance.

“I did not, and I wouldn’t want to. They get spooked and puffed up when they eat—not a good combination when you show up with a hand cannon and a sword.”The private’s eyes rose in wonder and his voice lowered in awe. “I thought you brought the entire ship!”The captain adjusted the expression on his creased face in what he hoped looked like even deeper annoyance.

“I did, but you can’t take an entire ship into a wyvern’s lair. The damned thing would take off before you managed to get the foremast into its cave.” He paused for alcohol before continuing his tirade. “No it had to be done man to beast, in combat! I couldn’t dream of asking one of my men to go where I would not and…” He leaned close to the private so that his beard nearly touched the other’s chest. “…knowing that, I took up my best arms and went in alone.”“But what about your powder man?”“What powder man?”“The one for loading up the hand cannon.”“Oh well yeah, he was there too- but he was hiding most of the time and didn’t even come out from behind his rock.

I had to run back there every time I took a shot so that he could reload it.”The captain waved his empty beer in the air and the private scrambled to reach another one and get back to the tale.

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